4 Wonderful Secrets To Improve Your Free Tarot Card Reading

Free Tarot Card Reading is the practice of using a deck of Tarot cards to perform psychic readings. It is an effective and insightful tool to find guidance in love, health, career, and relationships. This online psychic service also provides experts who can communicate with pets, find lost objects, and discover past lives.

1. Major and Minor Arcana

A standard Tarot deck has two types of cards: Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

  • The Major Arcana are unique cards with their own unique meanings. It consists of cards like the Devil, the Fool, the Hanged Man, Strength, Temperance, and Death.
  • The Minor Arcana is as alike as a deck of regular playing cards. We can divide it into four suits, with each suit including one card from 1 to 10. There are four suits of the Minor Arcana: the page, knight, queen, and king.

2. Spreads

A spread is the arrangement of cards in a reading. Every position in a spread is relevant to a different aspect of the question. There are many kinds of spread, but the two most common are probably the Celtic Cross and the Three Fates.

  • The Celtic Cross contains ten cards representing a plenty of things including past and future, conflicting influences, and personal hopes.
  • The Three Fates includes three cards: the first reveals the past, the second reveals the present, and the third reveals the future.

3. Power of The Cards

Some readers may suggest that anyone could pick up a deck of tarot cards and perform a meaningful reading. Usually, the cards are seen as having no power and are simply a helpful tool to aid the reader. Others believe there is a special kind of power in the cards that illustrates the reader’s talents, which is why they only work from their own decks.

If you do not know what to choose for your Free Tarot Card Readings, the Rider-Waite deck could be the best choice for you. Aesthetically speaking, the Rider-Waite deck may be lacking a bit, but it is the one people often use as an example in Tarot instruction books. Besides, it is an easy system to learn. Later on, when you understand the cards on a certain intuitive level, you can change to use new decks.

4. How to Read Tarot Cards?

First, before you start your reading, make sure you have mastered the basics of Tarot. It is important that you learn and remember the meanings of 78 cards in the deck. Psychics who are more intuitive may get different meanings than the traditional bookworms. You need to know what you are doing before you do it for someone else. The point is, you should tune your soul with the cards to truly understand their meanings. Do not just read what you see in the book, as a bookworm.

Do you feel comfortable using reversed cards in your divination? Many people read one card the same way regardless of its direction. Meanwhile, others follow the reversed meanings of each card. It is up to you whether you want to use reversed meanings or not, but you should be consistent after all. If you use reversals, continue to use them every time they appear, not just when it is convenient. Good luck with your Free Tarot Card Reading!

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