Tarot Reading 10 Card Spread

Thanks to the popularity of the Tarot Reading 10 Card Spread out there, the trouble-having individuals are able to get over their past trauma and make good attempts for the present as well as future growth. The meanings of each Card’s positions are the keys to answer various questions no matter how complicated they are. According to many experienced Tarot readers, the Celtic cross spread featuring 10 Tarot cards works best in answering both general questions and the specific ones.

Meanings of Cards’ Positions in Celtic Cross

Tarot Reading 10 Card Spread

Typically, the 10-card layout can be easily found in the Internet with various black-and-white or colorful pictures. Hence, the seekers are granted chances to realize the basic shapes and positions of the 10 Tarot cards before eyes. Let’s delve deeper into the understanding about the relationship between the 10 magical cards and gain the holistic view of the Celtic cross! You definitely find the following info helpful and practical for the virtual talk to the so-called Tarot experts.

First of all, notice that the 1st Card is about the present situation of yours in the current moment! Next, the 2nd Card reflects the immediate challenges or difficulties that you have to deal with. In general, the “ominous” card will be picked up right in this position so that the occultists can interpret the obstacles and empower you to overcome them with the full consent. How about the 3rd Card? The insights from this Card allude to the distant past events that are related to the roofs of the current problems.

When it comes to the 4th Card, draw your mind to the more recent past events indicating that previous activities that you experienced few days ago. Significantly, the 5th Card denotes the best that you can obtain when the problematic questions are answered as expected. Besides, it also indicates the likelihood of giving up rather than investing more effort into the cases.

In reference to the future aspects, the 6th Card signifies the immediate future events that are likely to happen in the next few days or weeks. Furthermore, the 7th Card helps us to know more about the inner feelings that influence the situations. Some underlying trends and forces will be disclosed here. Next, the 8th Card gives info about the external factors affecting the outcomes of the questions that go beyond the seekers’ control. Last but not least, the 9th Card is about the hopes or fears of the cases while the 10th Card refers to the final outcomes.

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