Virgo Man Scorpio Woman

As for several characteristics of a Virgo man, it’s known that this guy is a person possessing sturdy brain with much experience and information about all aspects of life. As a consequence, when a random situation arises, he will analyze it clearly. Being a success-hungry and practical person, the Virgo man never gives up any target which he is pursuing in his career, in life, and in various relationships. Each of the targets is precisely planned and calculated so that the expected things are surely in his hands. Another trait about the man born under the Virgo is that he will not express his true feelings when being angry. In addition, once this guy falls in love with a girl, he is really caring and kind, and taking care of his love is what he considers as his responsibility.

Scorpio Woman
Virgo Man Scorpio Woman

Contacting a girl belonging to the Scorpio, people will find the kindness hidden in her soul. This is the model of the girl owning a magnetic personality. She is intelligent, powerful, passionate and mysterious. Hence, a lot of men are easily attracted by her nature. In love, the Scorpio female is totally unwilling to share her love with anyone. For her, love is absolutely faithful, so she is selfish, jealous and possessive of her man at any cost. That’s why a deadly revenge will arise from any betrayal in love coming to her.

The Compatibility Between Virgo Man And Scorpio Woman

It’s not quite difficult for the Virgo man and the Scorpio woman to pair up because both of them own some same traits like kind-hearted, intelligent, honest and loyal. When standing side by side, they feel very secure and safe. Thanks to the caring nature, the Virgo man can easily perceive wishes and needs of his love. The Scorpio woman also appreciates a sincere heart of her love. Another thing which can connect these two spirits is that they consider their home and their children more important than everything. Further, the style they educate their children is almost similar, so there is seldom a contradiction in this problem. Nevertheless, the Virgo man and the Scorpio woman can sometimes meet the contradiction in the aspect of expressions. The Virgo man is practical, but the Scorpio woman is emotional.

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  1. Hello. I’m Scorpio woman (Oct 24) and my man is a Virgo(Sept 15). We are in a long distance relationship, rather an online one, but in love completely with each other. He’s kind, sweet, romantic and usually very receptive to my needs. The only problem is that he can go days without even talking to me. We didn’t talk for 4 days. I’m a Scorpio so you can probably understand what it means to me. He said he was really busy. I don’t know how to push him to commit further. I’ve heard Virgos are loyal but I can’t help but wonder if he ever gives himself a taste when I’m not around. He proposed a few days earlier and despite my cautious nature, I said yes. Are Virgo men interested in idle flirtations or make hollow promises? I’m confused as hell.


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